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Inbound Mortgage Lead Generation Solutions

Looking for prospects?   They are looking for you too, and in order for them to find you, your business must be strategically positioned in a way that enables you to provide value, meanwhile engaging them in a conversation, at the right time and in the right way along that buying journey.

ifunnel provides you with the resources you need to accommodate the adapted psychology and educated shopping behaviors of modern borrowers.  We simplify the process, make it affordable, and provide you with the proven resources you need to succeed in the mortgage businesss, today and in the future. 

Take Control of Your Own Lead Generation & Do It the Right Way


If one thing has become clear regarding high-quality mortgage lead gen – it’s that conversational marketing is now & the future.

Lead Gen Chatbot

Borrowers engage with chatbots 8-10x more often than they do with old-school forms, when given the option to do so.

Sales Funnels

Sometimes web visitors are not  far enough into their home buying process to fill out a pre-qual app.  For this reason, we use funnels.


Create and optimize high-value content specifically designed for high-quality borrowers.  Easy peasy.

Inbound Marketing

The problem with old-school methods of lead generation are that they all involve a ‘push’ mentality.  With inbound, we pull attention.

PPC Advertising

In order for your PPC ads to be effective, you must have relevancy throughout your keywords, ads, landing pages, and chat.

High-Quality Leads

The reason you are no longer attracting high-quality borrowers is because you have to attract and engage search engine traffic.

Call Tracking

‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure.’ Without knowing what pages your prospects are calling from, you are lost.

We Handle The Heavy Lifting

High-quality mortgage lead generation starts with attracting high-quality traffic (from search engines). Borrowers (humans) use search engines to obtain information, and this is the only traffic source which allows us to generate leads that are showing intent to get mortgage financing.

In order to set up a website with automated prospect qualification technology and advertising,  must engage visitors in a conversation, doing so in a way that enables them to feel as if they are in control of the pace, context, and goal of the communication.

Using this specific methodology, we have designed and implemented mortgage lead generation systems which have generated many thousands of borrower prospects for loan officers, lenders, and brokers across the country.

It’s your system and the leads are exclusive to you.  We provide you with the resources you need to remain relevant in the mortgage industry over the years to come.

If you originate mortgage loans but do not have a website that you have direct control over, with actual landing pages designed to convert traffic using conversational technology, then it is time to fix that problem immediately. Attention is undergoing a consolidation and unless you grab your share of the search engine attention, you will find yourself left in the dark (if you haven’t already).

We Make it Easy to Connect With Borrowers On Every Device

Your borrowers use search engines to answer their questions and solve their problems.  It’s time to start giving them answers and solutions; positioning yourself in a way that attracts borrowers to you & engages them in a pressure-free conversation.

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