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Who We Are

My name is Mitch Smith and I’m a business advisor at Thryv, SEO & business development legend, furbaby daddy, hobbyist music producer, and yoga student based in Oklahoma City.

From 2015-2021 I ran FogPusher and ifunnel, digital marketing projects specializing in lead generation for real estate and mortgage companies. 

Early 2021, Thryv reached out to me about an opportunity to team up.

Thryv is an award-winning software company that provides an end-to-end client experience platform designed to help small businesses get more clients, manage their workload, get paid faster, generate more reviews, and communicate more effectively with their prospects and clients (among other things).    “

After doing some extensive research that included calling employees and customers, I realized that it was giving me the opportunity to continue helping small businesses compete in this ever-consolidating business environment we find ourselves in today, which I love to do. 

It was a scary decision but turned out to be one of the best choices I have made in a long time. 

In my current role I am able to provide much more value for less money than I would have ever been able to continuing to do Freelance work. 


Why Choose Us

Until we have had a discussion to see if we might be a good fit, there is nothing to make a choice about. 

Many of my clients are happy that they did but every situation is different. 

Read some of their reviews and connect with me on Alignable.

If you are looking to increase your service-based small businesses revenue/attract more clients, get more organized, be easier to do business with, get paid faster, or improve your business in any kind of way then it would make sense to have a chat. 

We are currently helping over 55,000 small businesses accomplish all of this and more. 

Our first line of business will be to have a no-hassle or obligation chat, which will give me the opportunity to learn more about your business. 

From there, together we can determine whether or not a further discussion makes sense. 

If I know Thryv isn’t a good fit, I will be the first to let you know and will provide 


What we do

Together, Thryv and I provide tools and solutions to help small businesses compete with emerging giant competitors, do business easier, and be easier to do business with. 

There are a variety of mechanisms through which this is accomplished and rather than try to list them all here, it would be a better use of your time to book a chat.  That way, we can talk about only the things that make the most sense for your particular situation. 

I also try to do as much yoga in the park as possible (me, below). 

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How We Do It

By providing a customer experience-centric, solutions-based approach.  If we can’t clearly identify a problem that we can solve or a goal we can help you achieve

When Can We Talk?

We provide small businesses with the tools and services they need to be successful in today’s world. 

As a rule of thumb, most small business owners did not get into whatever line of work they are in, only to also have to figure out how to be a digital marketing and search engine optimization expert as well. 

Many realize, at some point along the way, it becomes clear that both of these skills are necessary for somebody working with or for the company to have. 

We provide the technology and services to help you optimize the visibility of your business, efficiency of your internal workflow processes, and more.  


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