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Invest in the Future of Intent-Based Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

My name is Mitch Smith.  From 2006 to 2015 I worked in real estate, high-end custom home building, insurance, and mortgage loan origination. 

In 2015 I started a digital marketing company, called FogPusher, providing web design and SEO services, among other things. 

In 2016 I dove into sales funnels and chatbots then, in early 2017 I set out to get to the bottom of the lead generation problem haunting mortgage loan professionals across the country. 

From the start, I heard the same story over and over from professionals across the country.  Quality prospects used to find them but, they don’t anymore.   I ultimately figured out the problem and the solution by practicing and working real lead generation campaigns, and when I finally realized what was happening, everything became clear. 

The problem is that the system which needs to be implemented in order for a mortgage company to effectively attract and engage search engine traffic is complicated, requires many components, and is out of the budget for most mortgage companies. 

Unless companies are capable of hiring an in-house web designer, web developer, PPC manager, and a chatbot developer, the chances of them being able to coordinate these independent contractors or organizations externally – in a way which solves their problem – is next to impossible.

I’m a formerly licensed real estate agent, life and health insurance agent, and mortgage loan originator (passing all of the exams, including the state and federal mortgage licensing tests, on my first attempts).  Today I am certified by Google.  The certifications include Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Doubleclick, Digital Sales, and Mobile Websites. 

This combination of experience has enabled me to understand the underlying situation facing businesses providing mortgage financing, financial services, legal services, and insurance – among others.  

The proprietary ifunnel mortgage platform will bring together content creation/inbound marketing, sales funnels, CRM, landing page design, encrypted/automated conversational engagement, analytics/conversion tracking & optimization, and a number of other components necessary to ensure web visitors are engaged in conversation relevant to the information they are reading on the page and that the path they take is clearly defined, integrated, and may be clearly tested and optimized. 

This isn’t just about making the right solution feasible for business owners.  This is about providing a solution capable of maintaining healthy market competition.   Without ifunnel, small businesses in the mortgage and other aforementioned industries will remain incapable of implementing the solution they need to remain relevant.   And in that case, it’s only a matter of time before they will be completely phased out.

Please find a time to chat, below.   Thank you.