In this modern era of robocalls and SPAM automation which is constantly bugging everybody, it is important to explore communication alternatives which enable you to separate yourself from that rat race and engage with your prospects in a way which enables you to engage and quality your target audience automatically and more effectively than you would be able to over the phone or with an email address.

There are many ways that Messenger marketing and lead generation could potentially be the missing piece to your marketing puzzle that you need to transform your business, but these are just the top 4 reasons that Messenger lead generation is a game changer, in contract to its telephone and email counterparts.

#1: With automated telemarketing at an all-time high, people are answering their phones at an all-time low.  Messenger gives you a directly relevant and transparent way to communicate, which sets you apart from SPAM.

According to a recent FTC report, complaints about automated telemarketing have quintupled since 2009.  According to that report, the FTC received over 375,000 complaints per month (in 2017) regarding automated SPAM robocalls, up from only 63,000 per month in 2009. That’s 4.5 million robocall complaints, plus an additional 2.5 million complaints about live telemarketing calls.

For comparison, there were 3.4 million robocall complaints and 1.8 million live call complaints in 2016. (The FCC also regulates robocalls, but has received far fewer complaints — only 185,000 since August of 2016.)

Those are just the complaints.  According to a recent report from Youmail, a service which provides anti-SPAM and visual voicemail services (which I personally use), there were 89.6 million robocalls placed daily in the U.S. during the month of December 2017.  That’s 967 robocalls placed every second, adding up to well over 100 robocalls for every adult in the U.S. during 2017.  I am most definitely receiving many more than that.  I receive well over 100 SPAM calls per well, most of which are foreign Viagra and Cialis salespeople calling from USA phone numbers, from overseas.

While most robocalls are illegal, this has not stopped perpetrators from using them to torture phone users at an alarmingly increasing rate.  Also, the Viagra people from India, who are calling me, are nearly impossible to stop.  They call from auto-rotating numbers and regardless of how many hours you spend researching a way for them to stop, there is not a solution.

This is the first, and the major reason that people are no longer answering their phones.  I am personally haunted by robocalls and telemarketing schemes at all hours of the day.  For this reason, you are unlikely to catch me, even on my business line, the first time you call.  It’s simply not practical time management to answer all of them.  If I answered all of my calls from unknown phone numbers, I would never be able to accomplish anything.  It’s not personal – it’s simply not manageable.

Additionally, according to this article, ‘Why Nobody Answers Their Phone Anymore‘,  Alexis Madrigal attributes this decrease in phone answering to the fact that there are simply so many other means of communicating in today’s world (in addition to the SPAM and robocalls).

Alexis elaborates on this reasoning, “The most important aspect is structural: There are simply more communication options. Text messaging and its associated multimedia variations are rich and wonderful: words mixed with emoji, Bitmoji, reaction gifs, regular old photos, video, links. Texting is fun, lightly asynchronous, and possible to do with many people simultaneously. It’s almost as immediate as a phone call, but not quite. You’ve got your Twitter, your Facebook, your work Slack, your email, FaceTimes incoming from family members. So many little dings have begun to make the rings obsolete.”

Plus, with the advent of a little technology called Caller ID, people are not likely to answer your call from your unknown number.

Messenger solves this problem by enabling you to call prospects who have opted into your messenger marketing campaign – directly through messenger.  In fact, it eliminates the need to collect their phone number at all.

#2: Messenger provides the only means of generating a lead (or opting-into your campaign) with a single click.

In the old days, websites used to have lead capture forms that prospects had to fill out.  The problem with that is in the fact that prospects have so many distractions today, that keeping their attention focused on the form long enough to fill out, is a poor strategy.  I can’t tell you how many times in just the past 6 months that I have started to fill out a form and it simply fell to the backburner, and shortly thereafter, fell off of my radar entirely.

Messenger solves this problem by enabling Messenger users to opt into your lead generation campaign with a single click.  It doesn’t matter that they get distracted 5 seconds later.  They clicked when they were interested and that started the conversation.  That means there is an interest on some level, but it may not be a pressing situation.


Reverse Mortgage Lead Generation Using Messenger Marketing

With a $10/day ad budget, I have generated 42 reverse mortgage leads in the past 2 weeks, for my client in New York. The vast majority are homeowners, over the age of 62. Each lead (or subscriber) is segmented into categories based upon their situation and answers to questions, but many prefer to just be called directly.  Messenger makes this easy to do, after their very first opt-in click.


Once they opt-in, you can then directly call them (via Messenger) without even having to collect their phone number. I wouldn’t suggest doing this as your primary strategy, however.

The thing is, some audiences (particularly, older) are simply less inclined to answer any questions of providing any information about themselves prior to speaking with a human.  For this reason, I encourage my reverse mortgage clients to call the prospects who respond to their ad campaigns when they do not answer all of the questions.

In fact, the first question in some of my reverse mortgage lead generation campaigns these days is asking prospects whether they would prefer to answer the questions there (in Messenger) or if they would prefer to answer them over the phone.  ‘Answer them over the phone’ is the most common response to this question, by a long shot.

And since you are calling in a way that clearly shows who it is, your answer rates go through the roof.  You are no longer a random stranger trying to get ahold of them.  You are the page that they just messaged, getting in touch with them – with a live human on the other end of the phone.

In contrast, I also use Messenger marketing to grow customer lists for vape shops, product manufacturers, and a variety of other businesses.   Most prospects in these other markets will generally answer all of the questions.   In fact, Messenger remains the single most effective way to grow businesses selling information products, manufactured products, and a wide variety of other products and services.

There are no other (reliably consistent) means of enabling one-click opt-ins.  As long as people continue using Messenger, this will remain a highly-effective means of allowing a one-click opt-in.

#3: Messenger allows you to automatically engage and qualify your prospects.

Chatbots are quickly changing the way businesses and consumers engage with one another.  This is because, in addition to providing a free texting, messaging, and video platform, Messenger also makes it easier than ever to automate your sales process, segment your audience based on the responses they provide, and to maintain a relevant conversation with those prospects throughout the remainder of your engagement.

Real Estate and Mortgae Messenger Lead Generation

Over the past 6 weeks, I have used a Messenger marketing campaign to generate 62 first time homebuyer leads, with a $10/day ad budget. This specific project is actually a marketing collaboration between a mortgage loan officer and a Realtor. Since the prospects are automatically engaged and qualified with our Messenger chatbot, we know which ones are in need of mortgage financing, which ones have already talked to a mortgage company, where they are looking for homes, if they have already found one, if so, the location of it, and much more.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a chatbot or why it is important – I’ll make it easy for you to digest.

Think about the function of a lead capture form.  Each field represents a piece of data which you are using to qualify and assist your prospects.  Well, rather than doing this in a way that showcases a long list of empty, boring fields to fill out, chatbots enable you to create a conversation out of the situation, and ask those same questions, but in a way which is much more engaging, and that will remain with the prospect even if they go do something else before they are finished engaging (if you set this up in Messenger).

So for instance, let’s say you own a gym.  You find this article and you listen to me when I say that the most effective way to increase business to your gym is to run a free gym membership giveaway and deliver the campaign with advertising, then require that in order to enter, the chatbot questions must be answered. This enables you to segment this list of people who are interested in having a gym membership, and better understand what they are about so that you can engage with them in a relevant way moving forward.

For example, you might want to know if they are currently members of another gym, and what city they live in (among other things – you can ask whatever you want).

Delivering these questions with a Messenger chatbot will ensure that the prospect opens and sees these messages with a much greater frequency than they what it would be possible to have in any other situation.

Additionally, your ongoing communication to the audience can remain relevant specifically to that audience.

For example, if you only want to message people who are not members of other gyms and who live in Miami, about a first-month discount promotion you are offering, you could quickly find those specific people, and create a broadcast which goes only to those individuals.  This would be much more difficult to implement with any other form or opt-in strategy, and the beautiful thing is that it can be done automatically if it is set up properly from the start.

#4: Open rates for messages sent via Messenger are almost always over 85%. If you’re lucky, your email open rates might be about 30%.

The situation here is nearly identical to what is happening with people no longer answering phone calls.  There are simply more, better ways to communicate with one another, that are superior to email when it comes to interpersonal communication.  People are using Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other messaging platforms.

The beautiful thing about targeting people who use Messenger is that they are guaranteed to see that you sent them a message, and they are substantially more likely to open it.

But again, Messenger can (and should) be used to call your prospects, as this sets you apart from everybody trying to SPAM them with robocalls.

Messenger Marketing Open Rate



Messenger marketing and lead generation has the potential to be a total game changer for your business, but only if it is done in the right way.  There are a variety of Messenger chatbot applications which can be used to create and automate a conversational sales process which can be used to automatically generate, qualify, and engage your prospects.

We can help you create a strategy and implement a lead generation and conversational sales funnel that will attract, engage, and auto-qualify your prospects.

To learn more about Messenger marketing, download our free lead generation eBook – delivered to your Messenger inbox.

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