The Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Marketing & Lead Generation

by | Jun 10, 2018 | Mortgage Leads

In recent years mortgage loan providers like you have struggled to grow your mortgage businesses the hard way: buying crappy leads, running ineffective ad campaigns, soliciting Realtor business (without anything noteworthy to offer in exchange), and hiring lead generation companies that seem always to fall short.

Have you ever considered how many hours and dollars that daily time and money suck is costing you and by how many years these efforts are preventing you from building the mortgage business of your dreams?

There is a reason it is the way it is, but in order to understand, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The Plight of the Modern Mortgage Loan Originator

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As a mortgage originator/broker/lender/bank in today’s world, the road to mortgage industry success isn’t exactly straightforward.

Chances are, you signed up thinking you would be spending the majority of your day writing up mortgage deals. Come to find out; your actual responsibility is lead generation.

Maybe that’s not exactly what you had in mind when you signed up but, at this point, that’s neither here nor there.

So you struggle day in and day out trying to find this Holy Grail of high-quality mortgage leads, but after each turn, you find yourself only with less money and plenty of disappointment.

I hate to be the bearer of ugly news, but here it is.

If you continue throughout your mortgage career with this mindset in which you are using your time and energy to find quality lead sources, you will continue on this search for the remainder of your days in the mortgage business. 

It will be a search that never stops. 

This is because right now, you are chasing leads, and the way you are approaching the situation requires that you continue doing that, as your survival in the industry depends on it. 

Today I am going to show you a more advantageous way to approach this situation. 

 To understand what this ultimate solution is, we need to take a step back to address a common mindset shortcoming, then get on the same page in our definition of a quality mortgage lead, then work our way back in a full circle.

As we do this, a clearer picture begins to unfold.  In painting this picture, we will begin to see why purchasing mortgage leads generated from non-search-engine sources (or that have not shown any intent to obtain any mortgage financing at all) do not work. We will understand the reason social media traffic will never be enough. And from there, the solution for generating quality mortgage leads today will become clear.


‘How much per lead?’ is the Wrong Question to Ask and It’s Contributing to Your Problem.

If you choose to move forward purchasing lead lists, I will do you a major favor here.

There are much more advantageous questions to ask.  They include:

“Have these leads specifically shown intent to obtain mortgage financing?”

“How exactly were these leads generated?”

“How long ago were these leads generated?”

“How many people have these leads been sold to?”

The situation I am about to break down points to an extremely narrow window of opportunity to generate high-quality mortgage leads.

If you are buying leads that have not shown specific intent to obtain a mortgage and which were not generated via search engine traffic, you are chasing your tail.

The truth is, not all lead generation activities cost money.  And not all traffic sources can be specifically accounted for.  More on that shortly.

I haven’t looked into this lately, but I would assume there are ‘mortgage lead providers’ out there that are willing to sell you lists of ‘mortgage leads’ for less than a dollar a piece.   Let’s say they are a dollar each.  

The problem is, if those people never showed any kind of intent to obtain a mortgage, or if their information was sold to an unknown amount of people, then you are not accomplishing much by taking any stabs at that list. 

Who cares how much they cost?  The people don’t want to hear from you..

Not all leads were created equal.  In regard to the quality of a mortgage lead, intent is everything.  Without intent, leads have very little value to a mortgage provider.    

You will soon understand why that is true. 


What is a High-Quality Mortgage Lead?

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For the sake of our discussion today, let’s say high-quality mortgage leads are mortgage borrower prospects who:

  1. Earn consistent, legal, & verifiable income.
  2. Have healthy credit history.
  3. Are blessed with a perfect debt-to-income ratio
  4. Possess more than enough money to finance whatever home they desire.
  5. Are in a position to close on a home loan in the next 14-90 days.

Seems reasonable enough.  For today’s purpose we are only really looking at #2 and #5: proper credit and 90 days or less closing timeline, however, the other attributes do give support to some of the assumptions we are about to make.  Primarily regarding their financial responsibility and how they make decisions.

First, some general assumptions that apply to most modern humans in western Earth civilization.
  1. Nobody wants to put themselves in a situation in which they might get pressured into a loan that is less than ideal for them. After all, this is an enormous debt that this person is about to incur. Can you blame them?
  2. On that same note, if the borrower is in their early 30’s or younger, you are going to have a much greater shot at getting them to provide the basics of their situation over a chatbot or conversational form vs. picking up a phone or scheduling an appointment. One of the amazing benefits of technology is, after all, it’s ability to help us get things done without having to be under the pressure of a financially driven human on the other end of the phone or desk.
  3. Also, there is a very high probability that this person uses search engines to find solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.
Now onto the credit.
  1. We can assume from their credit situation that they are mindful of inquiries and credit pulls.
  2. This person has gone out of their way to protect their identity and chances are, and they are not requesting department store charge cards around every turn.
  3. They may even have a service that notifies them automatically anytime their credit is tampered with.
  4. This borrower is mindful of who has their personal information and has likely gone out of their way to ensure that nobody has it unless they need it.
And regarding the 90-day closing timeline:

The way to go about capturing the attention of a high-quality borrower prospect at the right time is by reverse engineering the situation. When we figure out what questions they are asking, we can create content that answers those questions, then engages them in a conversation when they find our content on Google. The key here is to give real value, credibility, and authority.

Here are some < 90-day timeline attributes (all hypothetical but you are about to see where I am going with this):

  1. This person is not trying to figure out if they can get financed – they already know that. You can bet that they are asking questions, though. They are typing them directly into Google or Bing.
  2. Depending on what kind of mortgage they are looking for, they may be asking questions about 15 vs. 30-year financing, about finding the best mortgage provider in their state, or maybe they are asking about finding the lowest rates. It’s your business. You know what problems they have, what they are doing wrong, and how to help them! If you don’t, this should be your immediate priority.
  3. Since we know this person has gone out of their way to protect their credit and personal data, it’s pretty safe to say that they are not filling out a bunch of forms as they conduct this research. In fact, most likely they will only do this one time – and it will be after they have a contract on a specific home.

Where to Get the Best Mortgage Leads

Now that we are in the heads of our high-quality borrower, we can start to connect the dots.

There is a reason Zillow and Bankrate can charge so much for those home loan leads and why they tend to be more consistent than mortgage leads purchased on lists.

These companies have invested their resources in a way that positions themselves strategically in front of search engine traffic. Their visitors (search engine users/home buyers/mortgage borrowers) have shown intent to buy a home or obtain mortgage financing and these websites offer valuable resources to facilitate that process.

Search engine traffic is the most critical traffic source of all for mortgage providers because that is where people display INTENT to find a solution to their problems and answers to their questions.

It is essential to have a social media strategy in place, but that strategy should be specific to share value-driven content created for your target audience, from your conversion-optimized website (we will get to this in a second).

We do this because Google uses visitor interaction data (among other things) to determine the quality and relevancy of content. The more people that read it and the longer they spend on the page, the more that indicates to Google that your content is of real value. That is why we share the content on social media – to drive traffic.

It’s not ideal to look at Facebook, for instance, as a direct source for borrower leads – because it isn’t.  Facebook ads are designed to target people based on data gathered about who a person is – it’s not designed to catch a borrower at the moment they are asking a question about their upcoming real estate transaction.

It would be different if we were Realtors or if we were selling sunglasses. Under those contexts, the window of opportunity is much broader – so social media is fair game as a primary lead source.

Now let’s look at this from a different angle.

Research from the Consumer Finance Protection Burea shows nearly 80% of borrowers only fill out one loan app. Furthermore, research from the Washington Post shows about 12% of borrowers get denied the first time they fill out a loan app. Combine these, and we realize a situation in which maybe 10% of borrowers that do not have credit hurdles fill out more than one loan app.

narrow window of opportunity for mortgage lead generation

Also, consider want vs. need. Borrowers spend the majority of their home buying process shopping for a home because want to purchase the home. They need the mortgage to afford it. They don’t want a mortgage, so they are not spending longer than they have to mess with it. It makes sense as to why a borrower would only fill out one app when you consider the disclosures, concerns about credit inquiries and identity theft, and overall stress that the mortgage brings to the joy of buying a new home.

Now we can see why the window of opportunity is so narrow. Most borrowers are looking for a competitive home finance solution they can live with so they can move on with their lives.

And since modern humans use search engines to find solutions to their problems, here we see the ultimate traffic source for generating high-quality mortgage leads – search engines.

All angles point to a situation in which the window of opportunity to attract and engage this high-quality borrower is minimal at best.  For many, it’s as little as a single search.

Before you succumb to overwhelm, please hear me out.  It used to be overwhelming, but today there is a light at the end of this tunnel. It is essential to understand why the solution is what it is and why everything else you’ve tried has flopped.

Now that we understand the traffic source, it’s time to get our arms around specific strategies that should be used to attract our intended audience at the right time, and with the most relevant message, in a way that engages them in a conversation.

How to Attract High-Quality Borrower Prospects from Google and Bing

giphy 2 | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |

First, we need to understand the journey, persona, behavior, and mindset of our high-quality borrower – inside and out.

Regarding the home buying or loan shopping process:

  • What kind of questions are they asking?
  • What are they doing that, if they knew better, they would do better?
  • What do you know that they should know?
  • What are some common mistakes or misunderstandings that you find them making or having?
  • If you were in their shoes, how would you approach the entire process?
  • What is the ideal way for them to approach their home loan acquisition?

The list goes on and on, but these are the types of questions that we have to identify. The point at which your personal expertise intersects with these questions is where you will want to start.  This doesn’t mean you have to write anything and I’ll get to that shortly – don’t bail on me yet.

The key is to establish credibility and provide real value in the form of experience, wisdom, stories, pointers, etc. Show you are the ideal person to work with, without saying it in those words.

A couple of my favorite resources for conducting this research:



Quora is a fantastic resource for several reasons. Great content is abundant here. I recommend creating a profile, adding the mortgage interest groups, and that you start answering some questions that prospective borrowers are asking. Even if you don’t answer questions, you can at least get a good feel for the questions borrowers are asking.

Don’t do this in a way that solicits their business, however. Just complete your profile, including contact information, then give as much value as possible.

This whole process requires that you get out of the “What’s in it for me?” mindset. You get what you want out of life by helping others get what they want. Plain and simple.


Reddit r/Mortgages

Here you will find a much higher quantity of questions, giving you many more opportunities to provide value.

If you choose to utilize this resource and are not already, do not get sucked into Reddit. I recommend bookmarking that specific page (linked above).

Reddit will consume your entire life if you are not careful. There are more information and exciting stuff to kill time with than you could browse in your whole lifetime. Stick to the task at hand!

Also, please feel free to save the images below, to help you get the wheels turning with high-quality content.


Now that we understand the traffic source, it’s time to get our arms around specific strategies that should be used to attract our intended audience at the right time, and with the most relevant message. Three general strategies can be used to drive quality search engine traffic that has shown intent to answer a question or solve a problem. There are other ways to generate traffic from these platforms, but these are the three primary strategies we are concerned with right now. 1. Organic Search Engine Optimization 2. Local SEO 3. Pay Per Click Advertising You can see how each of these methods translate into search engine visibility in the image below. generating high quality mortgage leads with search engine traffic | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |

Using Organic Search Engine Optimization to Attract High-Quality Mortgage Leads

We are starting here because this should be the primary focus of every mortgage loan originator that is serious about being in this business.  PPC ads are not only cost prohibitive for most LO’s, but the 200+ million people that use ad blockers on their browsers will also never see them. As technology continues to advance and privacy concerns continue to increase, so will that number. As Google’s AI technology continues to advance, it levels the playing field regarding SEO strategy – to a certain extent.  There are now fewer shortcuts that can be used to ‘cheat’ the system – influencing the ranking of another website above yours. Today, the name of the game is to provide real, genuine value that helps the audience that it is intended.  Now, there are still some tips and strategies that should be used for good measure and to ensure your content gets the distribution it deserves, but as long as you are focusing on giving real value – you are way ahead of the game.  If you are real and you are passionate about what you do, then the next part of this is to speak up. There is no need to optimize for search engines – you are optimizing for humans only. Use your personal expertise, find the intersection where that meets questions that people are asking, then localize the question in order to suit our intended audience. For example, let’s say you specialize in residential refinance in California.  If you downloaded the sample questions/images above, you might have found this one on the comparisons sheet – ‘mortgage and maternity leave.’  Let’s say you know about a refinance option that could be used to help a family during maternity leave, or you and your wife dealt with this situation personally, or whatever. You might create some content titled ‘California Mortgage & Maternity Leave – The Right Way.’ I told you-you wouldn’t have to write anything, and now I will give you some possible ways to go about this without writing.

How to Create Content Without Having to Write Anything

It needs to be real, so I wouldn’t recommend flat-out hiring a writer to make some BS content for you.   That would not be a value-driven approach to this situation.  It also wouldn’t do much for your trustworthiness, authoritative status, or image. You have to find your voice here.  And the key is to make a habit of doing this every single week, or at least every couple weeks. What I would do, is create an account on Fiverr and you can get almost all of this done for very inexpensively. Before we get into the actual content creation, we need to plan.   Creating a Content Map/Calendar Taking a strategic approach to your content generation would be wise.  You want to cover a broad range of subjects, all within your specific area of expertise.  And, the more exotic or specialized your loan products are, the more crucial all of this becomes.  Although, in reality, it’s vital for everybody involved in the origination of mortgage loans. Here is a collection of free content planning templates for you to use.   Plan Your Content and Analyze Your Keywords Here are some of my favorite free keyword tools, which I use. LSI Graph LongtailPro Also, the content should be written specifically for your target audience. Remember, your prospects do not have a mortgage license.  You need to be very simplistic in the way you describe things and explain why things are the way they are.  I have had direct commercial lender clients in the past who were terrible at explaining their products in layman’s terms.  As a result, it made it very difficult for them to even communicate with their target audience because they talked to them like they were a lender themselves. They are not. Think about all of the time you spend wondering how to get leads.  If you put all of that time into this single activity, and you have the engagement resources in place (I’ll get to it shortly) this will change your life. Start with the end in mind, here.  The route you take depends on how you wish to manage the editing of the final content.
Creating the Content
  If You Use Grammarly for Final Editing: If you are comfortable editing content yourself – with assistance, you can use Grammarly ($130ish/year). My favorite tools when using Grammarly for editing are the Google Docs mobile app and/or Evernote mobile app (free for Android and iPhone). You do need the mobile app (either one) for voice dictation. My advice here – don’t pay much attention to the mistakes, just hit the dictate button and say what you have to say for 3-5 minutes, then open the desktop version of whichever application you dictated the text with and use Grammarly to edit it. Done.   If You Use an Inexpensive Human for Final Editing: If you prefer to just say what you have to say, then send it to a very inexpensive human for editing, then I would still use the Evernote mobile app.  But in this case, you are going to record your voice – not transcribe it. Then, you want to go to ($1/minute human voice transcription).  Send them the audio file you recorded.  They will send you back something pretty messy – don’t even worry about it or look at it. From there, you are going to go on Fiverr and browse their editors.  Check out the reviews, pick one you like, and they will change the text file from Rev into something presentable. Give the draft a combover then have the editor make any final corrections or fix it yourself. Before you upload the content, add some images (see images section below).  Then, for bonus points, record yourself reading it (or being conversational) and upload this to youtube.  You can use your mobile device. Done. Adding Images It helps to add images to your content.  Nobody wants boring. There are a few fantastic resources where you can find free, attribution-free, images, which I highly recommend. Those include: Pixabay Pexels Unsplash Then, feel free to play around with Canva to make your photos unique, add filters, etc… (its free). Or, you could always browse Fiverr designers and find somebody who does to all of this stuff that can do it for you – including uploading it to WordPress. If you make a habit of doing this, on an iFunnel website that engages visitors as they find your content, you will see your business transform right in front of your eyes.  The thing is, even if you dictate the content and edit it with Grammarly yourself, it will only take you a couple hours per post.  You really want to get at least 8 high-value pieces of content created, then optimize from there.

Using Local SEO to Attract High-Quality Mortgage Borrowers

I have used the strategy below over and over with amazing success.  It’s fairly straightforward but it does require some time and dedication, some of which can be supplemented by the ninjas over at Fiverr. For Gold and Platinum level iFunnel clients, we are handling all of this for you, per the specifications in the comparison table shown on the iFunnel pricing page. The primary considerations when it comes to local search optimization are:
  1. The number of industry-specific directories and area-specific directories listing a consistent name, address, phone number, and website (NAPW) for your business.
  2. The consistency of those listings.
  3. The quality of the ratings and reviews on Google My Business & Bing Places.
The Local SEO Samurai Strategy
If you are a loan officer and work for a company that has already set up their Google My Business and Bing Places accounts – I recommend 2 possible approaches. First, try to submit a new listing at the same address, and give your office or desk it’s own suite number or a subset of the office address.  The Google policy allows lawyers and doctors to do this so there is a chance it will actually work for you, but you have to try first. If that doesn’t work, use your home address.  You can make it private on Google and Bing but I can’t say the same for all of the other directories involved in this process. You will get traffic either way if you set this up correctly, but the first option may be ideal for many of you. Step 1: Set up your Google My Business and Bing Places accounts – if you have not done so already.  They will mail you a postcard which will contain numbers that you will verify in order to ensure the legitimacy of your situation. Step 2. Conduct Google searches for all of the major keywords that you intend to be found through + [your city]. If you live in Las Vegas you might include Home Loans Las Vegas, Home Mortgage Las Vegas, Mortgage Lender Las Vegas, and so on… As you make each search, you want to make a list of all of the directory websites that appear in the organic search results on the first 5 or so pages.  Include every website that would allow you to create a free listing on it. In the first page of the search below, Yelp is the only listing.  If Trulia and Zillow have a free way of going about getting a public listing, then I would include those as well. image 2018 06 10 at 11.20.08 pm | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads | Step 3: Use the LastPass browser extension for either Firefox or Chrome to create auto form-fill profiles. Step 4: Use those form-fills to autofill as many of the directory listings as you are capable of.  Not every site will allow the form-fill to work, so there might be some copy and paste required here. Step 5: Get as many legitimate positive ratings and reviews as possible on your Google My Business and Bing Places accounts. If you make a few searches in various cities around the US – you will begin to see trends that directly correlate to the number of reviews and ratings.  It seems that in some cases, this is actually more heavily favored than the actual rating values, interestingly.

Using PPC Advertising to Attract the Best Mortgage Prospects

I won’t go into too much detail here because that could get overwhelming quickly but, I will use this opportunity to emphasize the importance of timing and relevancy in this entire mortgage lead generation situation. I’ll also use this to segway into the problem that faced the mortgage industry prior to iFunnel – an overcomplicated and unnecessarily disconnected solution, which was out of reach for the majority of mortgage companies.   timing and relevancy in regard to generating high quality mortgage leads | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |   Google uses a quality score, which ultimately dictates the amount of money spent on ads and also the ranking in which the ads are displayed.  The more relevant your landing pages are to your ads and keywords, the higher your quality score is, and as a result, the less you will end up paying for your ad performance. This is directly from Google AdWords support forum, explaining the Quality Score.   google adwords for generating mortgage leads   Over the past year, I’ve reviewed about 20 different AdWords accounts that my clients and prospective clients had previously hired PPC managers to run.  None of these companies ever had any success with their campaigns, and every single one of them only had 1 landing page that they were using. And here lies the problem.  PPC management companies get paid, typically on a percentage of the amount of money that they spend for you, on your behalf.  They don’t design landing pages and they definitely do not build chatbots. Web designers build landing pages, but generally, do not manage PPC campaigns or build chatbots. Chatbot developers build chatbots but they are unlikely to be interested in managing the design of your landing pages and your PPC ads. In order to put this into perspective, let’s say that iFunnel, FogPusher, and Mitch Smith never existed.  You are still who you are, and you want to generate mortgage leads using search engine traffic and Google AdWords Advertising. If you were going to have any chance of this endeavor being even slightly successful, you would have to hire a web designer and a PPC manager – separate entities, which you would have had to somehow figure out how to get on the same page about your campaign.  And we’re not even talking about chatbots yet.  So, if you had any chance of actually getting that to work, you’d better hope they are local, that they have mortgage industry experience, and that they play well together.  Otherwise, you are going to have to come up with the campaigns yourself and tell each of these people exactly what to do. Meanwhile, the Quicken Loans and Lending Trees of the world, with their budgets to hire in-house staff to set all of this up for them and dump millions of dollars into their PPC campaigns continue to eat up the attention share, pushing the smaller guys completely out of the market. When the clarity of this situation hit me, I knew that I was about to change this entire industry with iFunnel.  And that is exactly what is happening. iFunnel fixes that entire situation. Now, let’s talk about engaging and converting our high-quality traffic.

How to Engage and Convert High-Quality Mortgage Leads

giphy | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads | Regarding the specific context of mortgage lead generation, I’ve found that using engagement as the conversion strategy to be the ultimate solution. Old school forms make visitors feel like they are committing to something and since they have not received any information, the likelihood of a high-quality borrower participating in this process is minimal. The younger the prospect, the narrower these odds become. In my experience comparing chatbot engagement on the same page that I’ve set up standard lead forms, I’ve found that prospects engage with the chatbot 8-10x more often than they fill out the form. There are a variety of theories that we can give to this situation, but it boils down to just being a more engaging process. In my opinion, I feel there is an aspect of curiosity involved. Chatbots are still relatively new on the digital marketing scene, and represent a transformation in prospect engagement.   Consider the difference in the user experience when presented with this (created with FlowXO): gif maker 1 | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |
And this (Created with Typeform): gif maker 2 | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |
Vs. this (used on the site of a bank I will not mention):
image 2018 06 09 at 1.02.20 pm | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |

It’s not difficult to see why the first two forms are engaged with 8-10x+ more often than the last style. It’s simply a better user experience that engages your visitors vs. making them feel like they are making a commitment.

The method of engagement may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

Optimizing traffic conversion is all about catching the attention of the visitor in a way that retains their attention and minimizes opportunities for them to get distracted.

Even seemingly small considerations such as including links to other pages can be enough to lose a visitor. When people are in browse mode, they are doing precisely that, and our job is to capture their attention in a way that gets them to take action.

If we do not enable this essential piece of the puzzle, our landing page is just another click along their click journey.

How do you think that prospects encountering those varieties of forms will feel about the mortgage process they are about to embark upon?


Conversational Forms Also Provide the Opportunity to Generate Business for Realtors & Increase Likelihood of Referrals

User experience and increased conversions are not the only perks to utilizing conversational prospect engagement.

Since we are filtering the intent of our visitors, this gives us the opportunity to ask if they have found a home. Then, if they have not, we can ask them if they are working with a Realtor. If not, we can ask them if they are interested in talking with one that we highly recommend, and so on.

The information we can collect about prospects is substantially more significant when we engage them in a conversation rather than trying to have them fill out a janky form or get them to call us.

Since we get better information out of our visitors, we can help them in the precise ways that they tell us they want to be and are comfortable being supported. We can also communicate with them in the ways that they are most comfortable being communicated with.  This clarification improves their entire experience, so they have positive things to say about us, they tell their family and friends, and it goes on and on.

It’s not just about the forms or the experience. It’s about utilizing the prospect’s time in a much more effective manner and enabling us to help them in ways that we are unable to otherwise, which improves their overall experience, and enables them to refer their family and friends.  Everybody wins.


Gaining Traction

giphy 5 | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |

Once your website is set up with your conversational forms and chatbots, you now have something newsworthy and capable of potentially being used to establish backlinks from major online news and business publications.

Using PR is a strategy that should be used and is extremely powerful if approached mindfully. Services like PR Web will disperse a press release to thousands of online and offline publications around the country, and if the stars align just right, we can get published in these publications. Some journalists may even write up articles about it. The better the writing and the story the greater these chances become.

At this point, a professional writer can come in handy. We don’t want to dabble with amateur content when we send it off to the masses.

Chatbots are all over the news, and websites like Entrepreneur and Forbes eat this kind of stuff up right now. Obtaining just a few backlinks from significant publications like that will give your site a massive authority boost, making it easier to rank your content.



 giphy 6 | the ultimate guide to mortgage marketing & lead generation | mortgage leads |

In the past, you had an excuse. It was not feasible to hire the web designer, chatbot developer, and PPC manager necessary to create your lead generation system.

The people, knowledge, and software applications necessary to implement this system were unattainable, out of the budget, and beyond your understanding or reach.

Today, we have thrown those excuses right out of the window.

I don’t mean to come across as harsh or pushy for the last part of this. I am just going to be completely real with you right now.

You are welcome to move forward with the ‘business as usual’ mindset, pretend like you never read this and go along your way. It’s your life.

You’re also welcome to open your eyes, see that it’s 2018, and your ideal clients are using search engines to answer their questions and solve their problems. Understand that the window of opportunity you have to capture the attention of a high-quality borrower is as little as a single search, and take the next step to grab your piece of that attention share while it’s still within reach.

If you fail to provide your ideal clients with answers and solutions to their questions and problems and position yourself in a way that accommodates the buying and behavioral patterns of the modern mortgage borrower, then what exactly are you doing?

If you need a sign, this is it.

Not only is iFunnel the digital counterpart you need to attract and engage borrowers better than you would have the opportunity to do in person, and do so automatically 24/7, but it’s also the solution you need to obtain Realtor referrals and the peace of mind that comes along with knowing you are doing the right thing for your life, business, and family.

Plus, you’re going to get the actual Facebook ad campaigns and specific strategies I have used to generate many thousands of Realtor leads and that have enabled my clients to clients establish strategic referral partnerships with Realtors, insurance companies, and title companies.

The ball is in your court at this point. And to be frank, every day you delay this decision is another day that your mortgage industry goals are also getting pushed back.

So, here is your opportunity to do the next right thing and do so in a way that will save you money and cut to the chase.

If you are not happy with the way things are going, request a refund within 60 days, and you will get it – no questions asked. You can even keep the ad campaigns and strategies you collect along the way.

That said, if this is a new website we are creating, on a new domain name, it’s going to take longer than 60 days to get the traction we need to get your leads rolling in. That’s just being completely honest. Domain and page authority take time to establish. I will provide you with a roadmap to minimize that process, but it’s still going to take time.

But here’s the deal.  If you pretend like you never saw this – you will look back six months from now wishing that you got this process started.  Six months feels like a long time moving forward but the time is going to pass regardless.  When you look back over those six months, they will have flown by. 

Additionally, I encourage you to take a screenshot of the prices you see on the pricing page right now.  It will be hilarious to look back on this, knowing you could have been grandfathered in with those prices.  

Click the link below to check out the various options available. Take the screenshots. Feel free to schedule a free consultation on the bottom of that page.

I look forward to working with you.