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Want to Grow Your Business? ifunnel Might Be the Answer.

Let’s face it.  In order to remain relevant in your industry in 2018 and beyond, you must have the tools necessary that enable you to do so.   ifunnel provides you with a lead generation framework which enables you to generate inbound business vs constantly seeking new sources for it. 


Three Value-Packed Options

Packages Include:


FeatureValueSilver (Form and Chatbot Only – to Be Installed On Your Existing Website)Platinum (Website, Form, Bot, and Ad Campaigns)


Web Hosting & Email Addresses
(Optional but Included)
$100+/Year1 Website & Up to 20 Email Addresses
Installation of Divi Builder & Page Templates$200+X
Divi Builder Access (Elegant Themes – This website and FogPusher are Both Designed With Divi)$80/Year for an Elegant Themes Subscription1 Website
Installation of WordPress, Connecting Domain Name to Hosting$200+X
Website Backups$100/monthDaily
Sample Privacy Policy$50+X

Search Engine Optimization

Custom-Written Content (With your direction/assistance)
Additional can be purchased for $100/300 words.
$100/300 Words2,500 Custom-Written Words – Additional Can Be Purchased
Content Migration (from a pre-existing website, if you have one)$500+Up to 15 Pages Included (additional billed at $75/hour or you can easily do yourself)
SEO Plugin Configuration$200+X
Google My Business & Bing Places Ranking Optimization$2,000+Done for You Including 75 Directory Listings and 8 Ratings
Keyword Strategy &
Competitor Analysis
$99/Month for SEMrush SubscriptionWeekly
Keyword Rank Tracking$30+/MonthWeekly

Engagement & Conversion

Customized Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages$200+ EachUp to 10
Lead Gen Chatbot (FlowXO)$228/year FlowXO SubscriptionXX
Chatbot Customization to Suit Your Needs, Based on Proven Configurations$1,300+1 Bot With Up to 3 Flows (For Example: Purchase, Refinance, Request a Call Back)1 Bot With Up to 5 Flows (FAQ or whatever is relevant to your situation)
Conversational Forms (On Our Typeform Account)$708-1,200/year SubscriptionXX
Conversational Form Customization to Suit Your Needs, Based on Proven Templates$1,000+1 FormUp to 3 Forms
SMS Opt-In and Lead Intake Bot$2,000+Basic Purchase/Refinance
Changes to Bots and Forms$300+/monthUpon Request/As NecessaryUpon Request/As Necessary
Dynamic Phone Numbers (CallRail or equivalent)$50+/monthUp to 10 Numbers & 1250 minutes/month
PDF Lead Magnet (Created with our advice and your direction)$300+1 Per Quarter
Mortgage Calculators$200+_X
Email Autoresponders (Using Mailchimp or Equivalent)$200+Up to 3 Autoresponder Variations for New Leads & Callback Requests Plus 1 Lead Magnet Drip Sequence With Up to 7 Emails


Google Analytics Integration$250+XX
Google Tag Manager Integration$500+X
Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Integration$250+XX
Google Search Console Setup & Connecting to Adwords$150+XX

Data/Lead Integration

Zapier Integration / Basic Notifications$300+XX
Webhooks Integration (for non-Zapier compatible CRM’s)$800+XX

Additional Freebies

Mortgage Lead Generation Mastermind
(coming soon)
PricelessUp to 5 Members
Proven & Tested Realtor Lead Generation Campaigns for Facebook$1,000+X
Offline Lead Gen Strategy Consulting$1,000+X
General Sales/Overall Approach Strategy Consulting$2,000+X
Divi Page Editor Training (Very Easy Drag & Drop)$100+X
Basic Logo Design
(wise investment to upgrade)

Advertising (Optional)

PPC/Local Extension Ad CampaignsSky is the limit (requires a $5,000 minimum ad budget to optimize)10 Keyword Groups, 10 Ad Groups, 10 Landing Page Variations, Google AdWords Conversion Configuration, Management Until Optimized (additional management for 20% of monthly ad budget)
Click Fraud Services (only necessary for PPC)$30 – $150/monthX

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Inclusion in the Process of Creating a Revolutionary Proprietary Mortgage Lead Generation PlatformPricelessXX


Getting Started With ifunnel

1. What does ifunnel do for me as a mortgage loan originator/bank/lender/broker?

2. How do I choose the right package?

3. What can I expect after I sign up?

Watch the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does ifunnel have in the mortgage industry?
A crucial one.

The way we see it – the landing page builder, SEO & PPC advertising management, chatbot, and conversational form components of this should all be rolled into a single platform.

Here’s why.

Before iFunnel, the resources necessary to implement this entire system were out of reach for most mortgage loan officers, brokers, lenders, and even banks.  Unless you had the budget to hire developers and designers that had an understanding of mortgage lead generation, who are also well versed in the implementation of these technologies as employees (good luck), it was just not feasible.

It’s 100% necessary moving forward.  It’s the ONLY way.

The reason they would have to be employees otherwise is that if you were to outsource these various individuals or companies, you wouldn’t be able to get them to work together in the way that is necessary to make the entire thing work.

For example, let’s say we want to run a PPC ad campaign that generates high-quality mortgage leads (imagine that).

You can hire PPC management agencies all day, and they will gladly accept the 20% of your ad budget payment in return for their kind services. But for your PPC ads to generate leads with any budget, your landing pages have to be directly relevant to the intent that the searcher has when they search.

Why? 2 reasons.

1. Google uses a quality score rating which dictates the rank and the amount that you pay to show that ad.  You will end up paying more for your ads, and your ad will rank lower if it is not directly relevant to the intent of the search.

2. People are becoming accustomed to seeing content that answers the question they are asking.  If your landing page doesn’t do that, they are not going to convert.  You are showing them crap.

Additionally, the chatbot’s conversation needs to be relevant to that specific intent.

So, if we want to run a PPC campaign that generates high-quality leads – you cannot do that unless you first find these unicorns that can do it/have done it, then second, hire these people as employees to create these systems for you – together.

Mainly it’s impossible to expect that anybody would be able to find these various providers and get them to work together in the way that is necessary if they are not on the same full-time payroll.

And the PPC ad example is just one component of this.

In fact, let’s be frank.  Without iFunnel, the little guys are going to be pushed out of the marketplace entirely in the years to come.  We’re dealing with consolidation of attention, and as people continue to rely on search engines for their information, the big lenders out there will continue to eat up the attention share.

iFunnel fixes all of that.

What types of mortgages can you work with?
All of them.   Whether you offer residential, commercial, conventional, refinance, reverse, or any other kind – we can accommodate.

If your clients utilize search engines then you are potentially able to benefit from ifunnel.  It is important that you have testimonials or ability to obtain testimonials – from real clients, however.

What if I already have a website?
If you already have a website that

is managed by the company you work for, a third party, or is set up in any way that prevents you from making direct changes to it, reviewing the analytics data, etc. then this fixes that situation for you.

You need a website that is designed to convert/engage traffic in a conversation and which provides you the ability to add content and make changes, in the way you want to make those changes, and that you can review the data behind.

If you have a website that you have to pay a web designer to make changes to every time you make changes, then this could still work – you don’t need the website part of it.

Think about your website as your online salesperson that is working around the clock, 24/7 for you.

If this website you have right now is not engaging visitors in a conversation immediately, with landing pages designed to convert, and is set up in a way that you cannot create value-driven content for your prospects whenever you please, then you need a solution that does do that – period.

Your landing pages should not have links on the top of the page like this one does (the one you are on).  This page is not a landing page designed for lead generation, like what you need.

Your forms should not be the old-school multi-line box kind like this:

Old School Crappy Forms

because this makes people feel like they are committing, it’s not engaging at all, and it just sucks all the way around.

We’ve found that people engage with chatbots and conversational forms 8-10x as often as they do with types like this – on live client ad campaigns.   We have proven this over and over again.  People don’t want to commit to filling out your form.  They are willing to participate in an engaging conversation, however.

If your website is managed by a company that supplies the entire webpage and uses forms like the one above then I am going to assume that you are not getting any leads from your website – and this will only become increasingly true moving forward, as consumers get more accustomed to conversational engagement.

If this is the case, and you own your domain name, we recommend that you contact us before you contact them so we can retain as much of the content as possible (if it’s even worth anything right now – which most likely, it is not).

What is the cost per lead?
That is the wrong question to ask when it comes to mortgage lead generation.  Leads are not equal to other leads.  If you want to buy lists of leads that have not shown any intent to get a mortgage, then those providers can give you an exact cost to purchase those lists.  Good luck.

The right question to ask is whether or not the leads have shown intent to obtain mortgage financing, how long ago they showed that intent, under what context they showed that intent and whether or not the lead is exclusive to you.

It’s better to have ten leads that have shown intent right now to obtain mortgage financing on your website than it is to have 1,000 leads that have not shown any intent and that are not exclusive.  Think about that.

If you want to purchase higher-quality leads, then find a provider that generates search engine traffic to do so.  Companies like Zillow and Bankrate are more than happy to sell you leads for $150-200+ each, and they are more than happy to give you a specific price per lead.  In doing that, you are putting yourself in a position where you become financially dependent upon very expensive leads.

If you want exclusive mortgage leads that have shown intent to obtain mortgage financing, and you want to generate them yourself, then you must have a platform under your direct control. This platform must be optimized to attract high-quality traffic then engage visitors immediately, and you must be willing to give value via that platform, via real, original content that answers questions that your target audience is asking.

The fact is that not all lead generation activities cost money and this isn’t a black and white situation.

With local SEO, for instance, people will find you, but if they call the number on your Google My Business listing or via a different directory website, there is no way to track that. So, you got a lead – how much money did it cost?

It doesn’t work like that.

As a client, we will give you ad campaigns that we have used to generate leads for realtors for $1-5 each using Facebook ad campaigns.  We could call these mortgage leads but the problem is, generating mortgage leads on Facebook is far from ideal, because Facebook ads target people based on who they are, not what they are doing.

Without the intent, the leads are not worth anything.

That is why search engine traffic is so crucial for the mortgage business.

If we were Realtors or if we were selling $20 sunglasses, we could run Facebook ads all day and do very well.  That is because the window of opportunity is much broader in these contexts.

Does the price change if I don't need everything included in a package?
No – it does not.

If you represent a chain of mortgage companies or a more extensive operation beyond the scope of an individual office, or local group of offices, custom packages can be created specifically for you, however.  Please use the link at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment, if that is the case.

I'm interested in investing but do not need any services. Can I do that?
Yes, you may.  Please visit our page for investors.
How do you suggest that I exit the situation with my current web design company?
The answer to this varies depending on the contract that you have with that company.

We recommend that you find your contract and review the stipulations regarding the termination of it, and then make a decision from there.

If you retain ownership of the website upon termination, then that may equate to a more manageable situation. It depends.

It can become slightly more sticky if the web design company also hosts your website, in which case, you need to read further into the situation and find out if you still maintain ownership of it if you cancel the contract.  If you have the right to migrate the website to another hosting platform, then that is also relatively quickly resolved.

If on the other hand, you do not have that luxury, but you own your domain name, then we can build out your site on a different domain, then point your existing domain to the new site when it is ready, then you can terminate your other contract.

If you are in the unfortunate situation in which you do not own your domain name, and the web design company is hosting your website, this can get a little sticky. You need to find out if you can obtain ownership of the domain name they have been using on your behalf, and if you can point that to a new website that we create for you.

Package Pricing

Select the package that suits your needs.  Upon checkout, you will be redirected to a page with a questionaire.  This is designed to collect some additonal information from you so we can complete your work.  Once that form is complete, you will be directed to a calendar link where you can schedule your intake meeting.

Additional Options and Solutions


Lead Generation Campaign for USDA or Other Regional Down Payment Assistance Programs

Method of Lead Generation: Offline/SMS Chatbot

Cost: Per Project

Includes: Custom signs and Posts, SMS Chatbot, Lead Generation Consultation, Lead Routing and Notifications

Lead Generation Campaign for Reverse Mortgage

Method of Lead Generation: Advertising/Automated Lead Magnet Delivery


$2,500 One Time Setup/Consultation & $2,500 Per Month (30 Leads/Month Minimum Guarantee)


$5,000 for Setup and Training to Manage Campaigns Yourself or In-House (whichever you prefer)


Lead generation campaigns, Ad budget, Chatbot,  Lead Routing and Notifications

Realtor Lead Generation Campaign Setup and Management

Advertising/Automated Prospect Engagement and Qualification


$1,500 One Time Setup/Consultation & $1,000 Per Month


$2,500 for Setup and Training to Manage Campaigns Yourself or In-House (whichever you prefer)


Lead generation campaigns, Chatbot,  Lead Routing and Notifications (Ad budget not included)



Lead Generation Campaign for USDA or Other Regional Down Payment Assistance Programs

Method of Lead Generation: Offline/SMS Chatbot

Cost: Per Project

Includes: Custom signs and Posts, SMS Chatbot, Lead Generation Consultation, Lead Routing and Notifications

Lead Generation Campaign for Reverse Mortgage

Method of Lead Generation: Advertising/Automated Lead Magnet Delivery


$2,500 One Time Setup/Consultation & $2,500 Per Month (30 Leads/Month Minimum Guarantee)


$5,000 for Setup and Training to Manage Campaigns (whichever you prefer)

Includes: Lead generation campaigns, Ad budget, Chatbot,  Lead Routing and Notifications

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